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    Welcome to the California Healey Week 2023 Regalia Store

    Thanks for visiting our store.  We are very excited about being able to offer you not only the finest quality, but the largest selection of Healey Week items ever!


    You can select from a broad range of colors and sizes for all the logo items, with plenty to satisfy the ladies as well as the men.  All orders placed after July 18, 2023 will be shipped directly to the address you provided AFTER the event.  Store will be open thru October 31, 2023.


    Please read the FAQs and Shipping/Returns sections by using the links under the more button above or by scrolling down for the links below.  I think those will answer a lot of questions you may have as you shop.  Then click on “Shop Now” and start shopping.  Note that there are three separate stores, Men’s, Women’s, and Regalia.  When viewing clothing items, click on the color buttons or the thumbnail photos below the main photo to change the color view.  And be sure to check out the size charts to insure you order the right thing. Click on the images for more details and to order.


    The California Healey Week 2023 Store is open to all Healey lovers, whether they are coming to the event or not, so be sure to tell your Healey friends! 


    Thanks, and see you at California Healey Week 2023 in Lake Tahoe! Event dates are September 18-22, 2023.

    164 Regency Drive

    Clayton, CA 94517


    Email :

    Tel : 925-360-1023

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